A Perfect Day in Penang Hill

Penang hill or locals call it Bukit Bendara was in the top of my bucket list. So I decided to visit Penang hill as my fist travel in Malaysia because it’s near to my place and I heard it’s a very cool place.

I forgot to take a picture in here. Image from TripAdvisor.

Penang Hill is located at Penang island which is a small, beautiful island belong to Malaysia. The island is located at northwest of Peninsular Malaysia (also call as West Malaysia). If you are visiting Penang, Penang Hill is a must do activity in Penang. If you like hikes you can walk around 5Km to go to the top of the hill or you can get a ride on funicular railway train. Some people call it it’s a cable car but it’s not a cable car, it’s a train which use a cable to pulling the train up.

How to get there


If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur you can take a bus or train to Butterworth or you can take a flight to Penang International Airport. From Butterworth you will have to take a Ferry to the Penang island. It cost me 1.40RM to go to the island and return from the island to the mainland is free. It took around half an hour to arrive to the Penang island. From there you can take a taxi or public transportation to visit Penang hill. I took bus #204 from jetty to Penang hill and it cost 2.00RM for the ticket.


Note: When you are travelling by bus make sure you got exactly the ticket price with you because there are no changes. As a example if bus ticket cost 2 RM and if you give 5 RM you won’t get the change 3 RM.


The bus took around 45mins to arrive to the Penang hill. I suggest you to go early because there will be no traffic jam and in Penang hill low visitors. If you go early you can avoid long queues in there. The bus is going straight to the Penang hill and it was very easy to getting there.

I arrive to the Penang hill around 11 AM and had to wait around 25 mins in the ticket queue. The return ticket price for the train is, 30 RM for foreigner and 10 RM for the local. There is a another ticket called fast lane it cost 60 RM and if you want to avoid the second queue to the train after you buy the ticket that’s the right ticket for you. Go early so you don’t have to wast extra 30 RM on the same train. The trains service operates daily from 6.30 AM to 11.00 PM (last train from the top station)

After all the process finished finally we arrived to the top of Penang hill. Once I get off the train the first sight was the view of whole Penang island from the top. It was a breathtaking view. I was very happy that I decide to visit Penang Hill in first place.

In the hill you can walk around take pictures and have fun with your friends. You will love to see the island from the top. On the top of hill there is a owl museum, toy museum, church, mosque and Hindu temple. Also There is a restaurant to eat and you can take a 4WD ride or golf cart ride around the place. But I prefer walk so I walk around 6Km inside and it was amazing. There are some bypass paths going inside to the forest area and don’t forget to walk through these roads if you are visiting the Penang Hill. You will love it ?


We stayed there all the day and took the train to the lower station around 6pm. It was amazing trip. I’m enjoying every moment in Malaysia. If you are visiting Penang don’t forget the Penang Hill.

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  1. sujan abdul hamid says:

    Kani..You just amazing..??

  2. Asitha says:

    Nice work Kanishka ayiya.

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